Use this page to find answers to some our most frequently asked questions

Over the years we’ve probably been asked every question you can think of regarding home and business security.  We’ve included a sample below.

Bells-Only Systems – Once a year.

Monitored Systems – Twice a Year

The main control panel back-up battery should be replaced every 4-5 years

Only if it is a “Monitored” Alarm with an official Police Unique Reference Number (URN)

Wireless Sensor batteries should be replaced every 2 years – we do this during the service visit.

You probably don’t – that’s where we can help. We design the system to suit your requirements

A For small dogs and cats we can install “Pet-Immune” sensors or – you could opt for our “Perimeter System” using “Shock” sensors and door contacts on all ground floor windows and doors.

Nothing – the battery back-up is there to back up the system for up to 8 hours

Yes – unless there is no window or external door in that room

No – you can use the existing line or install the “DigiAIR” unit that does not need a telephone line, it uses the “World SIM” provided by us

Nothing should cause a “False-Alarm” if the system has been installed to the correct standard. Faulty equipment can cause “False-Alarms” as well as badly fitted systems installed by Non-accredited installers

Yes – nearly all systems nowadays allow the customer to change their own code.

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